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Is very narrow purchasing recommendations question still off-topic?

Can I ask a purchasing recommendations question (by definition off-topic), if it is so narrow, that an answer can be only one, because it points to a single product? I.e.: Raspberry Pi case that ...
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1 answer

Talking about something else other than the raspberry pi

So I recently posted a question about my raspberry pi: Slanted Screen on raspbian, But I was starting to think that I was asking about the tv instead of the raspberry pi. I was talking about that the ...
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6 votes
1 answer

What basic information do we need to help answer networking questions?

We get lots and lots and lots of questions like this: unable to ping to pi or ssh over wifi i unable to ping to RPi or SSH using Ubuntu Server 20.04. over wifi, but router assign ip to wlan0. when i ...
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Is my question "opinion-based"?

I asked a question about how to recognize counterfeit Pis: Recognizing a counterfeit Pi It's getting close votes as "primarily opinion-based". I don't see how asking for clear, definite indicators ...
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Can I ask questions regarding Adafruit here?

Raspberry Pi is the most related community to Adafruit on stackoverflow, I am wondering if I can ask questions about Adafruit here? Thanks
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2 answers

How to handle conceptual questions?

I'm looking for a good way to help OP's with conceptual issues. Unlike StackOverflow, the Raspberry Pi forum is bombarded with people in genuine need of help in thinking about their problem. These ...
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Clarification about closed question

I would like to understand the reception of my first question here: Monitor misbehaving with stock power supply It's closed as unclear, but I assume that this is not the real reason. If it should be ...
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1 answer

How do I accept an answer, and is there a window in which to do so?

I found a question whose answer was so exactly like what I have been searching for, but I need little clarification and a some more details. And what I really need is to restate the answer back again ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Are questions about ordering and shipping on-topic?

As the Raspberry Pi is still relatively new, and it still has a way to go when it comes to distribution, I'm fairly certain that a lot of the site's visitors will still have not acquired one. ...
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