I'm looking at revision number two here.

The editor said "previous suggested edit rejected: please do not add padding to get around the 6 char limit".

However, when I load the side-by-side markdown of @Aurora0001's edit, I only see that two characters have changed.

From this example, I'm not seeing an obvious solution to the case where a single unicode dash has to be corrected in a code block, and the system rejects my edit because it does not change 6 characters.

Obviously I'm glad that a "non-padded" version of my edit was able to be implemented, but I would like to know how I should have proceeded in this case, especially given the normative wording of the corrected edit message.


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That six character limit doesn't apply to everyone. I don't where, if anywhere, it is formally documented, as the help center pages on privileges actually aren't exhaustive. It would make sense that it would be at the same point as you are allowed to do edits without approval: https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/help/privileges/edit (which Aurora is).

There is some explanation/justification of the limit on Meta proper: Why should edits be at least six non-space characters?

Interestingly, the one answer there, from ~6.5 years ago, does refer to shimming stuff in if you have to.

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