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Any two or more questions which cover the same topics and/details and can be answered by one of the existing questions.

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What to do with duplicate answers?

I was just doing a review queue and saw something I'd never seen before. A question was marked duplicate, and a "late answer" came in on both of the duplicate questions that was the same. In other ...
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GPIO audio in vs using analog microphone - closed as duplicate

There are two questions that I think are quite different if you read them whole, not just the title. Analog Microphone with Raspberry PI [duplicate] Can I get audio input through the GPIO I don't ...
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SD card shrinking stuff

Just going to say that there seem to a lot of questions with 'How do I make a SD card image smaller?' or 'Fit SD card image onto other (smaller) SD' etc: Shrinking Image Truncating SD image How to ...
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