Now that the site is in public beta, what are the best methods of promotion?

Here are forms I've already seen or posted myself:


Pretty much copied from http://meta.libraries.stackexchange.com/a/109

Related questions on other new sites: Chemistry, Libraries, Chess , WindowsPhone (these are some of our newer sites, you can probably find the questions on the older ones if you want. Or use this filter I just created)

Few things you can do (some stuff taken from my post here):

  • Create a community promotion ad and post on a graduated site. Maybe on SO and/or SU. Unix is another site that occurred to me--seeing that you guys have a site overlap. Mathematica.SE and chem.SE have done so on Physics.
  • Create an A4(or whatever) poster for your users to print out and stick somewhere. We did that on chem
  • Write an awesome blog post, like this one by a TW mod
  • Encourage colleagues/classmates/friends(who use/program RPi) to join. Tell them how awesome we are!
  • Try to get more experts engaged. Remember, the more experts you have, the better the site is (we don't want to degrade into Yahoo! Answers)
  • Retweet the upvoted questions posted by @StackRaspi. This spreads the word about the site pretty easily.

And don't forget to mention the site in your Facebook feed - especially when posting pictures of cool RPi hacks.

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