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Statement is a curious mind who obtained a Raspberry Pi Model A+ to try and learn how a simple computer work on the lowest level possible. Previously he has devoted a fair share of his life to high level programming but felt that something was missing. Secretly, he wishes he had taken part in the demo scene culture way back.

Now, Statement is trying to make up for that by learning ARMv6+VFP assembly and working his way up to higher level concepts in computing to bridge the knowledge gap. This means a lot of the time is spent reading specifications and reverse engineering file systems, all in order to get as close to the "source" of machine interaction as possible.

The first stop in his journey was to install Raspbian to get a host operating system set up. From here, he will code and analyse the system and try to write a custom boot loader to allow him to take execution control at the earliest stage possible, even if that means doing a lot of work.

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