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Are we replacing RPi by "a unit" or "the device"?
17 votes

Are these overly pedantic micro-edit policies getting out of hand? I really do appreciate the tremendous efforts to get this site ready for opening day. This is going to be a fantastic site with a ...

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Raspberry Pi itself vs. specific OS issues
10 votes

I don't know enough about the subject to answer your question directly, but I can provide some guidance to point you in the right direction. Note: When I say "Raspberry Pi", I'm speaking generically ...

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What questions should be protected, community questions?
8 votes

Can we hold off and throttle back these "solutions" looking for a problem? This is going to be a great community, but there seems to be an over exuberance of policy-making and procedures to ...

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Intentional duplicate questions for searchability
Accepted answer
7 votes

Please don't intentionally post duplicate questions as a method of bookkeeping or to link juice Google. You'll have enough trouble keeping up with them when duplicates happen organically. The proper ...

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