YES we should, this would be useful! Not sure but we may need examples to prove we need this, plz comment or something if u spot em!


simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab


Look up! When you are drafting or editing your question or answer, you will see a toolbar with a number of icons at the top of your Edit area. The toolbar has several icons: B for Bold, images, links, lists, etc. There is also an icon for schematics: When you click that link (or Control-m from the keyboard), an overlay will appear in your browser. This is ...


It looks like there is, although it doesn't appear to be documented anywhere. If you view the site logged out (as an unregistered user) the schematic button doesn't appear on the question or answer form, so at the very least unregistered users can't. I'm guessing (although haven't tested) that the level is 11 rep, because this was the original threshold on ...

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