It is essential we use sudo. The vast majority of people will be using Debian, which uses sudo. Those who have installed different OSs will be intelligent enough to adapt the commands to suit them. There is a massive exception to this. If someone says, "I'm using Arch", then change your answer appropriately.


It seems to me that any form of "Raspberry Pi" on a site entirely dedicated to Raspberry Pi is a bit redundant. However on the occaisions where it aids clarity, then a sensible acronym or contraction seems appropriate. I've seen "RPi" used a bit already and it seems like a good compromise to me.


Re: this question; Is it safe to operate on any dry surface? I would think it'd be much more useful in terms of SEO to include the term 'a rasp pi' in the title rather than something along the lines of 'the device'. If anything the better change may be to extend the abbreviation to include the full 'raspberry' word.


Two things: Any time you need to put multiple paragraphs under a single list item, just indent each paragraph after the first by one space to avoid breaking the list. Like this If you want a code block in a list, indent by eight spaces (don't surround it in backticks). Here's your example, properly formatted: Stuff about Raspberry Pi, here's an example: ...


Backticks are used for the Markdown syntax for inline code. Thus, if you write: Use `cat ` instead of `<` it renders as: Use cat instead of < With "cat" and "<" in a monospace font (and with a gray background, but you can't see that inside a blockquote, since those have the exact same gray background color). To get a literal backtick in ...


Thanks for your question. Unfortunately syntax highlighting is not enabled by default when a site is in beta. Since we are a site that does not deal primarily with programming languages, we may not need this functionality very often. However, it is certainly something that will be kept in mind should we ever graduate from beta.


It renders correctly if you put the code on a separate line and the wrap it as Preformatted Text (code). Like this: `cat `


I vote to clearly and always use sudo when root privileges are needed. 2 reasons: It clearly indicate the need to use root privileges (user is prompted for password) It's much simpler to copy/paste multiple lines of script with sudo while with # you have to manage the delete nightmare. Now when it comes to the - I don't have - sudo question yes the ...


So I was just searching for something related after asking how seach engines ascociate titles and results.. Maybe the name in the domain is good enough.. and then it scans for matches within indexed titles. It is obvios here it matched raspberrypi in the domain name and then also in the titles.. So the results are useless because directfb is last because ...


If an object or subject is required, and it does not hurt the clarity of the title or question, it may be better to say "the device." The words "Raspberry Pi" should only appear in the title of a question where absolutely necessary for clarity. It's important, especially early on, that the community makes sure to edit question titles to set a precedent for ...

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