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Unanswered questions are those questions which have no up-voted or accepted answers.

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Answer in comment or answer a new post

In all Stack Exchange sites and communities, we have plenty of questions in which their answers are in the comment. I have the experience that I answered a question on the comment section of a ...
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Are you allowed to re-ask questions if you don't get answers?

This is my first meta post, so I might get something wrong here, but I'll take the risk. The question I'm asking here is about ignored questions and unanswered posts. I've asked a question regarding ...
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2 votes
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Why is the answered questions percent dropping so rapidly?

I use Raspberry Pi SE as my base site on SE and I always check the answered questions percentage on the sidebar, as well as the other numbers, just to get an idea of how the site is doing. I had ...
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6 votes
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Do we need to clean up the number of un-answerd questions?

I was looking at the Area51 page for Raspberry Pi SE and saw that our question-answer ratio isn't all that great. It is listed as "Needs Improvement" on the page, and on the sidebar here it says there ...
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