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Scope is what questions are on- or off-topic and why.

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15 votes
2 answers

What would you think about broadening the topic to include Arduino, Robotics and Embedded Systems in general?

I recently participated in the Embedded Systems private beta. It will be closing down next Friday, because there was not enough activity. In the meta post on the closing of the site, Andrew, a ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Can we rename this site to be more inclusive of Linux ARM hardware?

I think there is a lot of overlap between questions that will be asked on this site concerning the Raspberry Pi, and questions related to other similar hardware such as the BeagleBone, PandaBoard, etc....
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6 votes
1 answer

Should questions about peripherals or accessories be allowed?

Should we allow questions about peripherals or accessories? From our currently proposed FAQ. Questions about the following things are off-topic: Purchasing of the device or its accessories ...
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