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4 votes
0 answers

Low voter turnout

I only now learned that rep is required to upvote. I came here to confirm that, and found this related Q&A. The statistics are interesting. And given that the majority of questions on any given ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Serial upvoter on the loose

Some time ago (in January), I noticed a (-200) reputation change due to voting reversal. Someone just upvoted 20 of my posts within 5 minutes: I thought this was an isolated event, perhaps a user who ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Can you spam comments or other features to gain badges or reputation?

Here on this stackexchange website, I am four comments away from getting the "commentator" badge, which I really, really want. I even almost resorted to spamming comments such as "Getting a badge" or "...
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10 votes
2 answers

Are some trivial edits ok?

I recently reached 2k reputation (yay me!), and this allows me to edit without peer review. Before, with peer review, edits had to be at least 6 characters, and 'not be trivial'. Without this peer ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Ghost Reputation

I answered a very old question here: Best way to setup USB mic as system default on Raspbian Jessie As I had just encountered (and solved) the problem myself, so I though I'd answer the question ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Are these glitches?

A few days ago I modified some Tag Wikis, and they still haven't shown up on my "Research Assistant" tab. I know there's sometimes a delay, but it's been a few days. More importantly, I somehow got ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Where did I go?

Some of you may or may not have noticed, but I stopped answering questions recently. Some of you may have thought I abandoned the Raspberry Pi community if you did notice this. I have not left the ...
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0 votes
1 answer

How much reputation is required to edit a question or answer?

According to the privilege page, a reputation of 1000 is required. But I already edited questions and answers. Does a reputation of 1000 allow to edit a Q/A without the peer review and avoid to have ...
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