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I just got a flagged declined and would like discuss on what grounds so I can learn how to use the flags better

I raised a flag "Not an answer" on a answer to nine year old question. The question is "How can I determine the current firmware version number?" And the answer I flagged as a &...
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Close questions that have issues that cannot be reproduced?

Here's a question where the OP determined that his original problem was down to having the wrong part number: 128x64 OLED Display Issue On other SE sites, there's a flag for that saying it should be ...
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Suggestions for update to `Flagging > Closing > Off-Topic > Migration` page

Some questions here are definitely better fits for other SE sites as they have no special relevance to the Raspberry Pi. I think this comment is more or less generally accepted. At stands now, however,...
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How can I put a flag on certain tags?

Is there a way to flag certain tags such as this one with is identical to another one
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Why are my comment flags on obvious garbage comments declined?

I'm not an avid participant in RPi.SE, but I do refer it pretty often when I need help with my RPi. Whenever I come across posts with too chatty comments, I normally flag them (I've been doing so on ...
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My flag button doesn't work properly [duplicate]

Recently I tried to flag this to be migrated by clicking flag then the "should be closed" option then "off-topic because..." and then "This question belongs on another site in the Stack Exchange ...
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Flag for "Duplicate Post" declined... now I'm puzzled?

I'd like to query the policy on flagging posts here on Robotics... Generally on Stack Exchange, where there is a duplicate post, one flags it, as It doesn't belong here --> It is an Exact Duplicate ...
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