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My question was put on hold as too broad - why? [duplicate]

My question was put on hold as too broad. My question is about getting ssh working from windows to the Raspberry pi zero without installing bonjour etc; - Why is that too broad? I can't get much ...
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Unfriendly for first Users

It seems that Stack Exchange in general is unfriendly to first time users. Most first time users come to this site with a quick question and do not read the FAQ (Who Does?) It basically cannot be ...
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What is the purpose of drive-by anonymous downvoting without making comments?

I am new here, and I can't imagine why someone would just click to downvote a newby's question without bothering to comment on why, or even better, to offer refinements or suggestions or answers. ...
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Answering Linux questions vs close with no comment given

With the significant spread of the Raspberry Pi over the last few years to a broader base the traditional Linux / Markers, and the increase in Linux style questions from new users (signified with 1 ...
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Large increase in posts by new users who have not taken the Tour

I have noticed over the past couple of days a rather large increase in first posts by new users. Especially new users who haven't earned the bronze badge for taking the Tour. Surprisingly most of the ...
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poor discourse on all stackexchange

I have found the discourse to be very poor on all of stack exchange to the extent that I have banned its usage by my students The system is poorly designed with unhelpful people getting a lot of say ...
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Police / policy replies

Since this site is so fond of statistic in general and not in technical resolution to posts - can administrators let the people who just post "policy requirements" to STOP that? Freedom of speech is ...
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Is asking questions about raspberry pi specific editions or distributions on topic here?

I'm a little surprised my question is off topic here. I'm stuck with a point on how to correctly setup a raspberry pi specific distribution (of alpine). I'm happy to take the question over to U&...
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How is this question too broad?

I was browsing the site and came across this question. I don't think it's that great of a question, but I don't think it's that bad of a question either. Certainly not worth 5 downvotes and being ...
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How to Discuss on Meta

Many of the Meta questions or discussions have comments only. I do not have enough reputation to comment. Does this fact mean that I cannot participate in the many discussion on Meta? Or am I allowed ...
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