I was browsing through the tags to look for some to edit, in the pursuit of the research assistant badge when I cam across the "frequency" tag.

It currently has 6 questions associated with it, but they both use "frequency" in a very different meaning:

  • 1 question about "sound frequency"
  • 1 question about "CPU frequency"
  • 4 questions about "GPIO and PWM sampling frequency"

These obviously don't belong together. Should we disambiguate the "frequency" tag by making the 3 alternatives listed above?

  • I agree that sound, CPU, GPIO and PWM frequencies are NOT related in any way. Apr 26 '17 at 22:48

Thanks for spotting this. In addition to being a sort of "anti-tag" in the sense that it has grouped together some questions which have nothing in common (beyond the use of a word, which we might as well then have a written-in-english tag), to me this really seems like a spurious label.

There were actually about 30 questions with it. Since only one had nothing else, and many of them had more appropriate existing things (e.g. and/or ) I've removed it without creating new more specific foo-frequency and bar-frequency tags -- but I did add more specific existing tags to some questions.

Many of them also had the almost as spurious tag, but rather than remove that one as well, I created a synonym mapping for frequency to it. Tags are created when added to a question (i.e., there are no tags with no questions), and the way synonyms work is if you, e.g., try now to add frequency you will automagically get and have to decide if that is appropriate. I think this works as the non-measuring type questions were the ones with the most obvious more appropriate existing tags (clocking, audio, or RF related).

Note there's no way to actually blacklist a non-existent potential tag, other than making it a synonym. I did at some point try to create a pointless tag to which certain synonyms can be mapped, but this doesn't work as it would require at least one question tagged pointless...'nuff said ;)

Occasionally I check the new tags page to catch things like this but alas, not often enough (and sometimes my powers of foresight fail to see how something is likely spurious).

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