...when you posted the answer with the question and checked the "Answer your own question – share your knowledge, Q&A-style" box?

Should you wait a period of time to give the community a chance to vet and perhaps provide a better answer?

I have gotten a nice ego (and reputation) boost from the reception this post of mine has received but didn't want breech protocol by accepting the answer that I had posted with the question.

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It is acceptable and accepted to accept your own answer.

As you have figured out yourself doing so might discourage others from providing additional helpful answers. So waiting a day or two seems to be a good idea. Other than that grace period there is no strict protocol to follow (or breech) here. It really is what you would consider appropriate. Just give it a few days and accept if no other stellar answer arrives. (I am of course assuming that the answer addresses and solves the question posted...)

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