We seem to have four tags about updating and upgrading:

To update is to "make (something) more modern or up to date." This question should pertain to how to update the Pi's OS's, programming languages, and applications (both native and external.)

Should be used for questions regarding upgrading a major distribution change. Example: Wheezy to Jessie.

a tool to update the firmware of the Raspberry Pi.

(no tag wiki)

It seems that the difference between some of these (in particular ) is a bit unclear. I'm not entire sure what the difference is, so I can't make any suggestions as to what we need to do.

Do we need to do some tag cleanups or create some synonyms?


Thanks for pointing this out. Since actually merging tags is a moderator-only activity, I made what I felt were appropriate decisions:

  • Merged into , and made the latter a synonym for the former.

  • The (now former) tag blurb for dist-upgrade (quoted in your question) makes it pretty clear this is about the apt-get dist-upgrade command. However, while it does describe a major use case for that command, it might be construed as misleading in relation to what man apt-get actually says about dist-upgrade. Further, since apt-get is in the process of being depreciated in favour of an integrated apt command, I'm not sure what the future is for apt-get dist-upgrade, and there were only 3 questions with this tag, one of which also has on it.

    So I merged into as well and expanded the wiki for the latter to hopefully dampen any confusion. I also made it a synonym; the purpose of doing so in this case is to prevent someone down the line from re-creating a "dist-upgrade" tag -- attempting to do so will invoke the synonym and add , which is more reasonably scoped.

  • Since rpi-update is a specific tool, I clarified the blurb and wiki a bit and otherwise left it as is.

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