I flagged this question, as "unclear what you are asking"

The question was closed as "unclear what you are asking" but now when I tried to raise another flag on a post it warned me with:

Your last flag was declined - please review it before flagging this post!

I'm confused, the question was put on hold for the exact reason that I flagged it, is this just a mistake? Also, is it anything bad or just a standard warning?

enter image description here

  • IMHO the word "review" is a little confusing (on its own at least) - it tends to suggest that you can go and "edit" the flag to perhaps change it to become acceptable afterwards. In this context it actually means, "please review why it was declined as repeated declinations may make it hard or impossible to raise further flags - this is an advisory for that and is to encourage you to only bring things to Moderators' attention [not sure if that is for ALL flag actions!] that they would wish/need to act upon."
    – SlySven
    Jan 24, 2016 at 2:16
  • I don't generally see any action taken in response to any comment tags I have done. Some comments are not constructive, others borderline offensive, yet nothing happens as a result of flagging them. But I have never tried flagging a question.
    – SDsolar
    Jan 12, 2017 at 21:05

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Close flags push the question to Close Review queue. If none of reviewers there vote to close, and two vote to Leave Open, the review ends and the flag is declined.

However, the question may still be closed if someone who shares your point of view (namely, that the question is unclear) comes across it. Which is what happened.

A declined flag is not a disaster. The warning you saw is standard, and is documented here. It will go away when your next flag is marked helpful, unless you have more declined flags.


If I may say, I completely agree with a declined flag is not a disaster. I have quite a few declined flags myself... So do not worry.

On the other hand I'd like to point out that your participation in the site, both in contributing content and in the housekeeping-work including voting, reviewing, editing is highly appreciated. If that particular close vote was not shared at first by two other users (being part of the close review queue) that does not mean it was in vain. Just keep up flagging and editing to improve the site.

  • 2
    Will do, boss! haha Jan 22, 2016 at 0:38

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