Nominations for the Christmas give-away entry number 1!

We've always tried our best to be welcoming, let's say a big thank you to the best new user of the year!

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  • "Closed as primarily opinion-based" - Really? I guess the standard wording IS unfortunate and that there is no better close reason to use! Is there not a "Lock" Moderator action or will that hide it as well? I guess we just need to wait until the "Answer" is selected? 8-P – SlySven Jan 7 '16 at 1:41

I nominate @SlySven - a "top 2% this quarter" user, albeit he joined just a month ago.

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    If I am selected for this "prestigious" award I will use the device (or rather swap out an existing and slightly damaged unit that is the same Model B) and use one of them for a (potentially damaging) test to help answer a question that needs some real hardware (and a domestic freezer!)... – SlySven Dec 25 '15 at 21:13

I nominate @PatrickCook - another highly active "top 2% this quarter" user.


I think it would be worthwhile to nominate @PandaLion98, who it has been reasonably determined does look to have been active since March 2015 - though their Silver Yearling Badge (awarded 2015-12-13) may cloud the issue unless a Moderator can clear this up...

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