I have a question that is a few months old, and has no answer: Logitech K700 keyboard doesn't show up in /dev/input

Today a user began pressuring me to add my own answer to the question, despite my explanation that... I don't have an answer to the question!

I understand that we want to improve the Question/Answer ratio - but is this really the way to do it?

Personally, I would rather hold out for a real answer. If it never comes, so be it. Am I wrong here?


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You are not wrong, a user should never be pressured to accept an answer. I have addressed the issue with the user in question, and will continue to monitor the situation.

No this is not the right way to go about it as I have stated before, and as this meta post points out the question is considered answered when it receives an upvote. I have expressed my concern previously that the blind pursuit of a number (answer percentage) is a mistake. I firmly believe that by doing what we have in the past, namely, providing an open and welcoming community and striving to help others will lead us to graduation.

  • Great, thank you!
    – krsteeve
    Apr 7, 2014 at 20:25

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