This product looks to be a rip off Raspberry Pi. What happens when people get one of these, then have problems with it and come asking here? Looks pretty cool really with 7 USB ports, being smaller than a real Pi and having a battery to store the time. I can see why someone would buy one of these because of these extra features.

I especial love the logo they have made :)enter image description hereenter image description here


From a quick look this does not appear to be a full Pi clone, but rather an add on board. As evidence look at the cutout where the AV jacks are next to the GPIO pins.


This is an add-on board for the RPi. Advertised by Pridopia.

So anyone coming here asking how to drive it from their RPi should be the same as for any other add-on board.

Incidentally, I have no connection with Pridopia, this isn't any form of endorsement.

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