Da Happenin'

Last year, on our Gaming site, we hosted an event called Hat Dash, where users earned "hats" for their gravatars by completing certain tasks (analogous to badges).


Certain actions would trigger the user receiving a hat, which their gravatar could then "wear". For example, editing a post would yield an editor-themed hat (fedora with pen) to the editor.

This year we have the opportunity to participate in this event if we so do desire.

Da Deats

  • The event will run from 19 December 2012 to 4 January 2013.
  • Users will be able to see their entire hat collection on http://winterba.sh. That site will also have a landing page, explaining the rules and other details of the event.
  • Individual users who don’t want to participate, don’t want to see hats, and/or are generally anti-hat will have an "I hate hats" option available..
  • The only visual change to the site itself will be the presence of the hats and the "I hate hats" button in the footer.

Da Vote

Since we are a aristocracy masked as a democracy democracy, we will do take a vote to decide whether we would like to participate. Simply vote for the choice you agree with and that's it. You're done.

We only have until 28 November 2012 to inform Stack Exchange of our decision though. So make sure to vote!

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Yes! We want hats!

  • 2
    I've told them we are in. We gonna get hats!
    – user46
    Nov 27, 2012 at 0:02

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