I'm new to SE, but I started noticing that the community user bumped up this question that was answered by the user. Because of the two day waiting period, the user probably forgot to accept his answer. A lot of users probably come to the SE sites just for questions and sometimes don't come back to check their inbox to see comments asking them to accept their answer. I initially thought this could be solved by adding a rule to the community user not to bump up such questions. But I later I read this meta post and started thinking about why isn't this a moderator privilege. If this was a privilege, the site could get rid of a huge number of old, unanswered questions.

Another example of a self answered post: Is this a Python quirk or an imperfection in the Raspberry Pi input?

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    There's not much point in questions like this here because rules of the sort are applied across the entire SE network; I would guess they cannot be created/tweaked per-site because it is all the same software. So the place to ask is meta.stackexchange.com. In theory I believe anything here tagged "feature-request" is supposed to draw some response from a Community Manager (SE employee), although I haven't heard anything from a CM besides the occasional (anonymous) quip here in years (other than the community ads push which is annual). Put another way: This will just be ignored. – goldilocks Aug 13 at 15:37
  • @goldilocks Okay then, I'll post it there. Though, it might get ignored due to how massive the Meta is there. – aklingam Aug 13 at 15:46
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    A good thing to do before posting at Meta is to check if something has been discussed before (eg., "allow moderators to accept answers" turned this up: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/105814/…). This doesn't mean you can't ask the same question again if some time has passed, but beware the score on a Meta feature request question represents the popularity of the idea, this one did not do so well historically... – goldilocks Aug 13 at 16:25
  • @goldilocks I read some of the answers on the SE Meta and I've decided against posting it there. I'll just answer my own question based on what I read. – aklingam Aug 14 at 8:55

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