would this question:


be on-topic here? In fact, the actual machine running the armbian is not a Raspberry Pi (but an Orange Pi PC 2), but I could just go and plug the SD card into a Raspberry Pi and have the very same problem. I'm confused whether this is an acceptable question here. Would it be acceptable if I in fact encountered the problem on a Raspberry Pi? Or if I reproduced it there?



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If not actually on the Raspberry Pi it would be off-topic. Or as the helpcenter has it: Please make sure that your questions are intrinsically Raspberry Pi oriented.

Once you put it in a RPi and it still is a problem it will be on-topic here.

Note however that it is never appropriate to cross-post the same question across different sites of the Stackexchange network. It would seem that it is on-topic on U&L so your best bet is to keep it there.

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